Event Calendar

Jan 16 Tuesday

Commissioners Meeting

Start Date:01-16-2018
End Date:01-02-2018

Schedule Subject to Change

10:00 A.M.      Blue Ribbon Pavilion - Sandy Porter
10:00 A.M.      Sign Grant Paperwork
10:30 A.M.      Correspondence - Clerk & Recorder
                           Commissioner Reports
11:00 A.M.      Proposal to BLM Resource Management Plan Revision - Scott Laird
12:00 P.M.      Forest Service Meeting
 1:00 P.M.       Forest Service Meeting
 2:00 P.M.       Forest Service Meeting
 3:00 P.M.       Forest Service Meeting
 4:00 P.M.       Public Comments
 4:30 P.M.       Planning Board Vacancy - Carl Hamming
 5:00 P.M.       Adjourn 

12:00 P.M.      Commissioner Sager to Airport Board Meeting
12:00 P.M.      Commissioner Crachy to LEPC meeting

 * During these periods the Commissioners are in the Office without specific items on the Agenda. The Commissioners during these times may make or return phone calls, handle correspondence, review and prepare for committee assignments and may converse with staff or the public that stop into the office. No action can be taken by the Commissioners on any item during these time periods.