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Powell County Weed Board Agenda

 Regular Monthly Meeting: May 211st 7:00 PM Weed Board Office — Fairgrounds

 Date for Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting: May 21st, 2019

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Powell County Weed Board April 16, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:16 pm by Jim Stone. In attendance: Jim Stone, Tammy Schusted, Joe Dippold, Mark Vetter, Rem Mannix, Ben Quinones, Trent Freeman, Karen Laitala, and David Wells.

Approved Agenda: Karen Laitala asked to table the By-Laws Review until the next meeting, Tammy Schusted made a motion to approve the agenda with said changes. Mark Vetter seconded the motion, and the agenda was approved by the board.

Approved Minutes: Minutes from the October 16th meeting where passed to members present for review. No objections to October 16th meeting minutes.

Visitor Recognition/Public Comment: There were no visitors and there was no public comment submitted.

Correspondence: Thank you card received from The Montana Department of Agriculture for Karen’s assistance in chairing research grant review committee. Thank you card received from MWCA for Karen’s assistance as professional development training speaker. A letter from the Montana FWP, notification for grazing lease agreement between Two Creek Ranch and the Blackfoot Clearwater WMA approval.


Administrative Report: Was presented by David Wells, highlighting that we had received letters of approval from the Montana Department of Agriculture for the FY 2019 Special County / Reservation Grant Payment totaling $7,500.00, and the Montana Noxious Weed Trust Fund grants program for the following areas: Eastside Cooperative Weed Management Project for $26,724.00, Blackfoot River Corridor CWMA for $28,290.00, Beck Hill CWMA for $18,299.00, North Fork CWMA for $17,351.00, and Middle Blackfoot CWMA for $19,703.00. Karen explained the plans for the FY 2019 Special County Grant, $4,500 is to be used for Bio Control in coordination with Missoula County and $3,000 to be placed in the 4013 Account for plans to replace the oldest 4 wheeler. We also spoke of replacing tanks on the 4 wheelers. We have purchased two new Jackrabbit tanks, and Karen will research the process to sell the 4 old tanks being replaced.

County Commission Report: Rem Mannix explained that the County will be losing Jodi Pauley as an Extension Agent. County is still working to complete audits for 2017 and looking to have a contract for 2018 audit. Audits are important to maintain grants. Big changes at the County Court House, some offices being relocated, and the bottom floor has received new carpet and paint.

City Weed Report: Trent Freeman has been in contact with Karen, with plans to have city roads done with our assistance. Have coordinated plans for the Parks and Cemetery to be sprayed.

Member Reports: Mark Vetter had concerns about Gold Creek Rd. along Beck’s property entering the Beaverhead – Deer Lodge NF. Jim Stone asked about the County rotation, Karen replied that the Avon area will be treated this fiscal year and the Ovando Area will be next.

Weed Coordinator’s Report: Karen initiated a discussion on the new invasive annual grass, Ventenata. An infestation has been identified in the Elliston along the Highway 12 ROW and in an adjacent private pasture. Treatment strategies were discussed.

Old Business: Karen updated County Biennial Weed Management Plan with the addition of the county listed weeds.

New Business: Tabled until next meeting: By-Laws Review.

The meeting was adjourned by Jim Stone at 8:45 pm.

Minutes Submitted by David Wells.


Weed Coordinator Report – May 2019

  • MWCA SW Area coordinators meeting, Whitehall NRCS, April 16th
  • MDT Great Falls Division annual planning meeting, Great Falls, April 17th
  • MDT Butte Division annual planning meeting, Butte, April 25th
  • MDT Missoula Division annual planning meeting, Missoula, April 26th
  • WHIP grant proposal planning meeting , May 1st, Upsata
  • Statewide biological control meeting, Great Falls, May 7th
  • Spring Weed Board Landowner Meetings: May 7th Deer Lodge; May 8th, Ovando
  • Clark Fork River Work Group meeting, Butte, May 13th (Current NWTF grant implementation planning)
  • Natural Resources Field Day, May 15th, Racetrack
  • Biocontrol insect collection, release, and data collection, WHIP Grant, May 22nd, 23rd, Ovando
  • Holiday, May 27th
  • MWCA SW Area Crew Training, May 28th-30th, (Karen & David), Alder
  • B-D FS, Helena FS, DNRC, BPA agreements finalized; treatment coordination and implementation
  • State and county Hwy ROW treatment coordination
  • Aerial spray, ground spray, and herbicide purchase grant coordination
  • Equipment servicing and loan program coordination


Weed Board Office Powell County Fairgrounds
422 Fairgrounds Rd
Deer Lodge MT 59722

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